((Mun questions for Anon.))

  • 1. RPer’s real name? Erin.
  • 2. Why did I choose my character, and how do I choose to play him/her? Uh…I picked Wes because there was like one. And ‘cause Wes seemed really easy to RP. And he’s hot.

3. If my character was born in a different era, what would I change about him/her? Maybe make his English much more proper, and have him be like Romeo.

4. Rper x Character; how would our relationship go? Wes would leave because he wouldn’t get jackshit from me. LOL.

5. Give one headcanon l have about my character(s). Wes has a monster cock. :D

6. Favourite thing about character. The way he acts.

7. What do you imagine when I think of my character? Fancy suits and bowties.

8. If I changed your character’s clothing options, what would I change and why? Fancy tux or maybe the clothes I reblog~

9. If my character were to be given a haircut by me, what would I do? Ha. Nothing.

10. If my character were to die, how would I react? omg tears. THE FEELS.

11. What is character’s biggest secret? He is a total pedophile.

12. What does RPer ship character with? Soul, Blair, anything with legs and reproductive organs.

13. Worse moment for character. LOL WHEN HE FINDS OUT HE’S IN LOVE WITH KATIE’S SOUL.

14. Best moment for character. BLOWJOB~

15. What RPer secretly wants character to do. ._. uh. Get a Soul pregnant because that’d be funny as fuck okay.

16. How character reacts to magic anons. Never had any. o.o

17. What RPer likes about character. The way he is overall.

18. What character prefers the most on Tumblr. Smut.

19. Most likely scenario for character on Tumblr. Anything with smut. LOL.

20. What does RPer dislike about character? Uhhh there’s limited knowledge about him.